We continue to offer PRIVATE SESSIONS. The sessions with either Peter or Kalyani typically run for about one hour or more, and are held face to face, via ZOOM, Skype, or by phone. We also offer the full day DEEP IMMERSION programme - a day of deep inquiry and reflection with lunch and the evening meal with us.

These conversations point directly to that which can never be truly expressed. Through focused and honest conversation, the presence simply reveals itself. The dialogues gently expose blind spots and offer an unravelling of conceptual material that is seemingly getting in the way. In the clear seeing, dissolution happens of its own. There is simply an end to the search, and an end to the psychological baggage accompanying that need.

Peter’s background as a therapist and facilitator, and Kalyani’s decades long counselling and teaching experience contribute to their working deeply with those wanting to end the seeking. The nature of what transpires is confidential and conversations are held with great respect.


•    Undercut the mind-net of the thinking machinery

•    Expose unexamined assumptions being held

•    Reveal blind spots and faulty reasoning

•    Point directly to what is being alluded to

•    Facilitate moving from conceptual to direct understanding

There is no peddling of enlightenment experiences or conceptual understanding. Conversations are not one-off events offering experiential highs - rather they offer a gentle and respectful unraveling of the story. Seeing-through is all that is necessary.

In the clear seeing, dissolution happens of its own.

“Pete and Kalyani hold that the greatest help that can be given to anyone is to take them beyond needing any further guidance or help. And they deliver alright! But in their case, you'll probably find you want to hang about a bit longer, just to soak in their good humour, and their wonderful warmth and kindness.”  ~ Gary A. Canberra, Australia

“Sick of the guru/spirituality roundabout? Want to get off for good? I can recommend these sessions from personal experience.” ~ Sebastian de Jonge. NSW, Australia

Regarding fees - we offer a scale of fees according to the person’s circumstance. While this is not primarily a $ venture, it is important that there is a mutual exchange and valuing of the conversation. We give a percentage of the fees we receive to a number of charities working for human rights, the disadvantaged, environmental protection and animal welfare.

For further details please contact Kalyani

(Please note: monetary issues will never be a barrier to participation.)