NON-DUALITY is relatively easy to grasp conceptually. There can be an immediate recognition of the actuality of what is being pointed to, and in tasting the non-dual space, a sense may arise of having arrived at the understanding. Yet, the understanding is not a destination. There is no final state. Any taste is yet another experience that is simply happening.

Peter and Kalyani offer a rigorous yet respectful inquiry into what is being pointed to. Assumptions held about identity and being are uncovered, revealing that any notion of separation is only thought-based and has no actuality.  The unexamined assumption, the space from where the looking is taking place is investigated thoroughly.

The inquiry focuses on undercutting the mind-net of the thinking machinery, revealing blind spots and faulty reasoning, pointing directly to what is being alluded to, and facilitating moving from conceptual to direct understanding.

There is no peddling of “enlightenment experiences” or conceptual understanding. The focus is on simply ending the search, and ending the psychological baggage accompanying that need.

Peter’s background as a therapist and facilitator, and Kalyani’s decades long counselling and teaching experience contribute to their working deeply with those wanting to end the seeking. The nature of what transpires in any session remains confidential, and conversations are held with great respect.

Those interested in the Non-duality (one reality) message have the opportunity to hear, resonate and recognise directly the Sat-chit-ananda (existence, consciousness, bliss) – the reality that they truly are.

Following the direct lineage of the ancient Navnath masters, and awakened through a direct and simple recognition of their actuality, Kalyani and Peter are able to express this to those who are open to it.
— Sailor Bob Adamson