Understanding comes through an inexpressible  mystery.

A sudden comprehension arises when the clutter of conceptual thinking and discriminating thought activity subsides

- Huang Po

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About Non Duality


About us

Like their teacher Bob Adamson and his teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj, Peter and Kalyani are from the “householder tradition.” They live ordinary lives, working, relating, and sharing their understanding.


Awareness can never be described or quantified and attempting to do so is futile. The function of a pointer is to indicate that which cannot be named and can only be alluded to. In itself, it has no inherent value.

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The conversations are not one-off events offering experiential highs – rather a gentle and respectful unraveling of the story. The seeing through is all that is necessary. Please contact us for further information.


Non-Duality group investigation half and full-day programmes are held regularly in Melbourne, and Heart 2 Heart private sessions are offered in Melbourne and by phone or skype to those who live elsewhere.


“Enlightenment is not a destination

There is no final state”

-Kalyani Lawry