Understanding comes through an inexpressible mystery. 

A sudden comprehension arises when the clutter of conceptual thinking

and discriminating thought activity subsides.

~ Huang Po


About Non Duality


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After their shared and on-going journey together exploring the nature of consciousness, Kalyani and Peter bring their own unique and complimentary expressions to their teaching, and to working deeply with people.

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Awareness can never be described or quantified and attempting to do so is futile. The function of a pointer is to indicate that which cannot be named and can only be alluded to. In itself, a pointer has no inherent value.

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Our focus is on offering private individual sessions, and for those living outside of the Melbourne area, we do so by Skype, Zoom or telephone. We also offer private residential (and non-residential) retreats by arrangement for individuals and small groups.

Currently there are no public group satsangs being held.


“Enlightenment is not a destination

There is no final state”

-Kalyani Lawry