As well as individual private sessions with either Kalyani or Peter, we offer day programmes, and 2, 3 or 5 day residential retreats. Included are private accommodation quarters, vegetarian meals, and airport transfers for our international and interstate guests. Located by the Yarra river and adjoining the forest, our residence provides a supportive and nurturing environment for the programmes. A regular bus service runs from Melbourne CBD to Warrandyte, and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

Non-residential programmes can also be arranged for individuals and small groups.

To inquire about what is possible, please contact Kalyani


Retreat Testimonials

I had been on the path of Awakening to my own True Nature for over 30 years. I was feeling near yet so far:  searching for a dynamic and direct person who could cut through the obstacles in my head. From the moment I saw Kalyani and Peter, they left a deep impression in me. The pure, simple and direct inquiry sessions that they offered at my personal retreat were very profound.

Kalyani and Peter are spontaneous, intuitively working separately and together with me.  Daily inquiry sessions were intense, but because of their caring, kind and loving heart I felt very supported and safe to go deep.  I was able to see through my clever ‘spiritual ideas’ which I had been hiding under, and how my need of stabilising total awaken-ness is just another mental construct.

I feel continued support from them as I return to Life as is. Unshakable confidence restored, along the sense of freedom and comfortable with everything just as is. I can hear their voices, “there you go… just another thought...” 

I am deeply grateful to Kalyani and Peter, as my journey continues on Life’s train, with no need to keep carrying so much baggage. I can put my feet up too! I highly recommend them to any true seekers of Truth.”

Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota Certified Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist/Meditation teacher

"Peter and Kalyani told me that their aim for my personal retreat was to be led to my Self and to be able to find all the answers I need there, then to be sent on my way.
Being with them has far exceeded any expectations that I could have had. Daily sessions served to shine light on obstacles which obscured the view of the unborn reality.
I could not have found better hosts, entirely generous and thoughtful every step of the way. I give them my highest recommendation." 

Kari. F California. USA