Kalyani & Peter are from the “householder tradition.” They live ordinary lives, working, relating, sharing their understanding.

In the early1970s Peter travelled for 3 years in Asia then a further 2 years with Kalyani studying at numerous monasteries and ashrams in India and South-East Asia. Most significant for them were Buddhadasa Bhikku’s in Thailand, Pak Subuh's Sufi community in Java and Muktananda Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi's ashrams in India.

Returning to Australia they continued to explore many Western traditions including training in Jungian analysis and NLP, and undertaking programmes such as Est, Avatar, Hoffman process.

Peter completed a Theology degree with postgraduate training in clinical supervision. He was ordained an Anglican priest and began training chaplains and counsellors. Kalyani completed a degree in Archeology as well as qualifying as a Transpersonal Astrology practitioner and teacher.

In 1983, they founded the Centre for Transformation which was renowned’ for its innovative programmes and retreats. During this period Peter also wrote and presented programmes on consciousness for national radio & television.

In 1987 Peter began coaching business leaders and running company wide cultural change and business transformation programmes in major corporations across Australia.Since the mid 1990s he has worked mainly internationally mentoring and transforming leaders, leadership teams and organisations in more than 20 countries around the world. He has over 30 years of experience as a leadership developer, facilitator and mentor and is the founder of DEEP MENTORING deepmentoring.com

Kalyani is an experienced counsellor and mentor and is known for the warmth and effectiveness of her work. As a researcher and facilitator at DEEP MENTORING she has refined her craft over decades.

Kalyani is the author of Only That published by New Harbinger Press U.S.A. She and Peter collaborated on the recently published book A Sprinkling of Jewels and produced a series of DVDs.

Meeting UG Krishnamurti in 1991 exploded their notions of a spiritual search.

While having met Bob Adamson in Melbourne in 1974 and again in India in 1976, it was in reconnecting with Bob in 2006 that the old thinking habits and remnants of a sense of separation dissolved.

Following Bob’s encouragement, they too began holding groups and passing on the same message that Nisargadatta had passed to him:

.“Those interested in the Non-duality (one reality) message have the opportunity to hear, resonate and recognise directly the Sat-chit-ananda (existence, consciousness, bliss) – the reality that they truly are.

Following the direct lineage of the ancient Navnath masters, and awakened through a direct and simple recognition 
of their actuality, Kalyani and Peter are able to express this to those who are open to it.”

Sailor Bob Adamson 2011