Only That – the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

Only That – the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

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Part One: Bob's teachings and stories are interwoven in the narrative which includes the journey undertaken to discover his true nature, encounters with his final teacher Nisargadatta, and his personal insights about returning to Australia and then his eventual teaching. Photos are from Bob's collection and include one he took of Nisargadatta.

Part Two is comprised of new material transcribed and selected from the talks, from Kalyani’s private interviews with him, and from his responses to questions at the group meetings. Chapters include: Reflections on Nisargadatta; Even One is a Concept; All there is, is Experiencing; The Taste of the Wakefulness; I Am That Presence Awareness.

Paperback (170 pages) and KINDLE

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“This book by Kalyani Lawry is a real gift. If you see what just one of Bob’s pointers is pointing to, your search is over. Thank you Bob, thank you Kalyani.” ~ Tom Thompson

“This book is a complete classic on contemporary non-dual teaching. I recommend it to those sincerely exploring what is.” ~ Prusa Meji

“One of the clearest works on modern non-duality I’ve read yet. I recommend this to anyone who is searching for enlightenment … a must read.” ~ Julie Gallagher

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