Having embarked on a spiritual search together in the early 1970s, Peter & Kalyani were drawn to Muktananda Paramahasa’s ashram in India after meeting him in Melbourne in 1974. Their inquiry also led them to spending time with a number of other teachers, most significantly Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in Thailand and the Sufi master Pak Subuh in Java.

Returning to Australia a couple of years later, Peter undertook a Bachelor of Theology with postgraduate training in clinical supervision and Jungian analysis, and was ordained an Anglican priest. In 1983, he and Kalyani founded the Centre for Transformation which was renowned for its innovative seminars, meditation retreats, mentoring and the hosting of international teachers from different spiritual traditions.


Meeting UG Krishnamurti in 1991 exploded their notions of a spiritual search. While having met Bob Adamson in Melbourne in 1974 and again in India in 1976, it was in reconnecting with Bob in 2006 that the old thinking habits and remnants of a sense of separation dissolved. Following Bob’s encouragement, they too began holding groups and passing on the same message that Nisargadatta had passed to him.

Like their teacher Bob Adamson and his teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj, Peter and Kalyani are from the “householder tradition.” They live ordinary lives, working, relating, sharing their understanding, and caring for family.

 Peter currently designs and delivers leadership training to  major organisations around the world. He has over 30 years of experience as a leadership developer, facilitator and mentor and is the founder of DEEP MENTORING

Kalyani is an experienced counsellor and mentor and is known for the warmth and effectiveness of her work. A researcher and facilitator for Performance Leadership, she has a background as a Psychological Astrology practitioner and teacher. Kalyani is the author of Only That: the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson published by Non-Duality Press in the U.K. She and Peter collaborated on the recently published book A Sprinkling of Jewels and they produce Bob’s DVDs and CDs


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