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Book Cover, A Sprinkling of Jewels

A Sprinkling of Jewels

Compiled and edited by           Kalyani Lawry & Peter Lawry

90 pages -  AUD$ 36 including postage worldwide

A Sprinkling of Jewels is a beautiful compilation of Sailor Bob Adamson's pointers and is a private publication available only from Bob's table, via his website/ this page, and some bookshops. It is a distillation of his teachings – a collection indeed of sparkling jewels.

Images of Bob and photos taken in and around his home have been seamlessly married with the text in this 90 page book produced in black and white. The juxtaposition of the images and text evokes an unimagined clarity.                                                                                        Read this book sequentially, or simply open any page. Each pointer reflects the light of understanding and has the capacity to take you home.           PURCHASE HERE

$AUD 36 including postage worldwide -                 Secure Paypal system in place


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Book Cover, Only That, The life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

Only That : the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

Written, compiled and edited by Kalyani Lawry

170 pages and photos

JAPANESE translation now available  DUTCH translation available                   

Purchase from or Bob's meetings (see our NEWS page) or T.S. Bookshop 126 Russell Street, Melbourne.

About - Only That: the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

Part One: Bob’s teaching and stories are interwoven with a narrative of his life. It includes the journey undertaken to discover his true nature, encounters with his final and beloved teacher Nisargadatta, and his personal insights about returning to Australia and teaching. Photos from Bob’s collection include one he took of Nisargadatta. 

Part Two is comprised of new material transcribed and selected from his talks, from Kalyani’s private interviews with him, and from his responses to questions at the group meetings. Chapters include: Reflections on Nisargadatta; Even One is a Concept; All there is, is Experiencing; The Taste of the Wakefulness; I Am That Presence Awareness.  

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"A Modern Classic .... Bob's remarkable, or unremarkable life story is simply portrayed with the non-dual teachings woven into his biography, a beautiful and subtle approach by the author in presenting the man and his teachings. The second part of the book is very pure and direct. I have found myself reading the book many times, and every time something new is revealed and pointed to. It the closest experience to hearing Bob in his sessions." ~ Stephen, Melbourne.

"If you read only one Bob Adamson book, I would recommend "Only That" because of its biographical content, photographs and the selection of teaching." ~ Jerry Katz. USA .

"It is great to have a high-quality book available on Bob and this one does the trick admirably." ~ John Wheeler. Santa Cruz, California.

"I strongly recommend "Only That" to everybody who wants get to the very core of non-duality and of Sailor Bob Adamson's teaching. In his explanations and answers to questions, Bob cuts away unnecessary or confusing elements and immediately gets right down to the nitty-gritty of the teaching. It's lucid, clear and unambiguous. This is a book that "did it" for me!" ~ Nofear, Germany.

" Sailor Bob's capacity to point to our natural state as free, open and inherently liberated is unique for its directness and spontaneity. His dialogues are refreshingly informal and totally free of any pretense or self-serving agenda. His life story demonstartes the power of nondual awareness to liberate all forms of fixation, addiction and rigidity." ~ Peter Fenner PhD, Brisbane, Australia.

"For those of us who love Bob and his teaching, this book is a real gift. And for those of you interested in your true being and not familiar with Bob and his teaching, I recommend you start here and save yourself a lot of trouble. If you just see what one of Bob's pointers is pointing to, your search is over." ~ T. Thompson, Southern Pines, North Carolina.

"One of the clearest books on advaita of our time. The book can be read even by beginners, but is also a "must" for "seekers" who may call themselves very advanced at advaita. But be careful - there may be nobody left after you read the book. It could be the best money you have ever spent on a spiritual book - and perhaps the last."  ~ T. Federspiel. Denmark.